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Answers to some of your questions

How wide and how high are the delivery truck mixers ?

They will require a gap of at least  8ft 6ins wide by 12ft 9ins high          ( 2.6M * 3.84M )
Can your company offer credit facilities ?
Yes in certain circumstances. Contact us to arrange for our local representative to visit you.
How much does a truck weigh ?
26000kg fully loaded with 6 cubic metres of concrete.
Will the driver discharge the load into wheelbarrows ?
Yes, provided you have arranged this with the dispatch office at the time of ordering. Bear in mind that each 6 cubic metre load contains about 110 barrow loads, that's 14.4 tonnes of concrete. A viable option may be for you to consider a concrete pump. Waiting time is charged after 20mins unloading the truck.
Can we cancel the load should the weather change for the worse overnight ?
Provided the load has not been batched. Once the load has been mixed, we are committed to deliver it as requested.
I have an access problem for the delivery. What should I do ?
Contact our office and our local rep. will call you.
Our company operate a quality system. Can you provide a quality assurance certificate ?
Yes. Contact our technical services department, who will be pleased to furnish you with the information you need.
What is the minimum load size you can deliver ?
Half a cubic metre. Our experience has proved that if we load a smaller quantity, the quality is affected. The constituent materials stick to the inside of the drum, without mixing properly.
Can I collect concrete ?
Yes. Most of our plants provide a collection service. Please phone in advance to arrange a convenient time.

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