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The Concrete Company specialise in pumping readymix concrete


 straight to the point of use.



The Moli pump - The modern alternative to wheel barrowing concrete  

The Moli pump, or mobile line pump has been designed to move concrete into areas inaccessible by normal readymix truck deliveries. In essence it will replace the operation of wheel barrowing concrete from truck to the jobsite, reducing the number of operatives required, therefore the cost and minimizing the delay to the the delivery truck and the resultant waiting time.
The Moli is mounted onto a 7.5 tonne vehicle and is equipped with log flexible hoses, through which the concrete is pumped. The machine is supplied with an onboard water supply and arrives with a trained, certificated, professional operator.
On arrival, the Moli is parked at an accessible place, the hoses are laid out by the operator and jointed. once the readymix arrives, the operator will guide the truckmixer chute to the pump hopper and supervise the commencement of the pumping operation.
Once the site personnel have completed the placing of the concrete, the Moli operator will empty the machine and then blow the flexible pipe clean, depositing the concrete therein onto the job site. This will leave about a bucket full of concrete in the Moli to be deposited of prior to washing the pump out. If possible the operator will wash the machine down on site.
 A picture paints a thousand words so please browse the following pictures of jobs already completed with the Moli pump, or contact us directly to discuss this further.

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   Moli pump

    in action



Concrete Pumping

Floor Screed



Concrete Pumping

Floor Screed


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