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We specialise in pumping readymix concrete






  A mobile concrete pump is a truck mounted, road going vehicle, which is used to place wet concrete into inaccessible areas. The vehicle is fitted with a "boom" which is hydraulically operated to allow positioning of the end hose at the required discharge location.
  The vehicle is also equipped with a quantity of steel pipe which can be laid on the ground at the end of the boom to increase the length, or alternatively piped straight from the vehicle into, say, a building doorway. The pump unit can place 6 cubic metres of wet concrete in around 4 minutes
The unit is supplied complete with operator, who has been trained in both the vehicle use and safety awareness. They hold certification to use that type of equipment, and therefore are well placed to offer advice and help to obtain the most from the use of their machines.
Due to the specialist nature of the machines, and safety regulations they are not available without a driver.
See our gallery for more typical applications of this type of vehicle.

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